Canon CanoScan LiDE 210 A3 Scanner Review

Canon CanoScan LiDE 210 A3 Scanner Review

This decent looking scanner has grabbed many eyes all over the globe. Canon is a well renowned brand which is known to create optical products along including cameras, camcorders, printers, scanners etc. This product namely the Canon CanoScan 210 is an amazing creation by this very same multinational company. Some salient features will be highlighted through this review.

The scanner will provide extremely high and great quality of the image. The color and the appearance will be visibly pleasant. A professional and clean look shall be granted your scanned image. The resolution is as high and as good as 4800 x4800pi and a 48 bit color is what the image is gifted with by this amazing scanner.

Speed is one of the main concerns that all consumers of such gadgets possess and that is why Canon has specifically focused on the speed their machines process at. This scanner is through and hasty and this high speed has attracted many buyers from all over the world. College applications and other important procedures involve quick scanning of official documents and Canon CanoScan can prove to be a great choice for educational purposes and schools and colleges can purchase them. It has a reasonable price range of 65-67 pounds which makes it an excellent choice for such academic institutions. An A4 sized paper will get scanned using this fast machine within a time span of ten seconds. This is done at 300dpi approximately.

Easy and smart looking buttons are also available which allow you to perform functions such as an auto scan along with a copy and a direct order for email. 2xPDF is also available and these buttons are extremely easy to press. Upright scanning is one of many of the prime demands of any scanner user and this CanoScan provides aid in that department. The very convenient multi page PDF is a great feature of this scanner and it is a highly effective and efficacious scanner applet.

It has a bit too basic OCR though and has been claimed to create trouble when it comes to the resolving of black and white patterns. There is however an advanced three stage software involving an auto stage followed by a basic and advanced stage. It can also be mounted vertically quite easily. The design is compact and the machine is slim and smart and can be put anywhere easily.