Mustek A3 1200HS High Speed Scanner Review

Mustek A3 1200HS High Speed Scanner Review

A3 1200 HS Scanner is the latest scanner model by Mustek. It’s a flatbed scanner offering an optical resolution of 1200×1200 dpi and 9600×9600 dpi software interpolation to provide high quality scanning of images and documents and being budget friendly and satisfactory at the same time along with CIS sensors. This A3 sized flatbed comes with an expandable lid to ease the scanning of large documents and thickly bounded books. A3 scanners have the world’s fastest scanning speed of 2.3 seconds at 200 dpi that gives out an A3 sized colored paper.

Mustek designed these scanners especially for professional use for scanning huge format materials. The scanner also includes professional image processing software that enhances different themed images like landscape, portrait, picture album, plants or animals and the likes. It has a convenient batch scanning option for multi-scanning any parts of the required documents by enabling various sets of scan settings which makes the work more efficient and saves time as well. The other function is Descreen, which helps in removal of moiré from every kind of printed items like newspapers, magazines and other materials that consists of images with dots and patterns.

Color Matching Control, another feature of the A3 scanners, helps in color adjustments, minimizing the color differences between the original and the scanned images, to make it look more accurately like the original one. There’s another function called Photo Refresh which helps in restoring old and fade colored pictures with bright and vibrant colors to make it look like a fresh and a new picture all over again. There are three types of scanning modes, namely, Color Mode, Gray Mode and Line Art Mode. These modes enable production of scanned images that are intricately color gradient and smoother with color variations.

The scanners boast of simple and useful functions like Edit, Scan, Conversion to PDF, Scan to Email, OCR text recognition and the likes. These scanning functions are performed with ease, courtesy to the control panel. A copy of latest version of ABBYY Fine Reader Sprint 9.0 is also bundled with powerful package of OCR scanning software that converts scanned documents into editable Word, Excel and searchable PDF documents.

These scanners are compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Mac OS X 10.4~ 10.10 and have an LED light source and weighs 4.3 kg or 9.48 lbs with a USB interface of 2.0.

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