Plustek OpticPro A320 A3 Flatbed Scanner Review

Plustek OpticPro A320 A3 Flatbed Scanner Review

This large format scanner does not have an automatic document feeder and this is one of the main things that have been criticized in terms of this scanners. It fails to live up to the features that its competitors such as Xerox and canon have to offer.

The scanning speed has been claimed to be very fast: it takes around 8.5 seconds for scanning a color documents with the dimensions of 11.68 inches by 16.52 inches. The document feeding mode is nothing but a mere flatbed. As for the technology pertaining to the colour charge device is concerned, a cathode ray tube is made use of in order to  produce very high quality of scans. This is done in conjunction with sensors as well as mirrors.

It has been said that the charge couple device is very costly but it is also famous for providing very good focus. Items which are half an inch up the bed of scan can also be scanned very easily. Gutters which are created by many open books or 3D objects can all be captured very easily.

Now let’s draw our attention to the buttons of the scanner we all know as the Plastek Optic Pro. The buttons can all easily be customized and this can be done for purposes such as scanning files along with copy and email. PDF files can also be taken care of. A button utility has also been provided which basically known as the Plastek DocAction. This enables the users to personalize the configuration settings very easily which is a great feature and has attracted all buyers. The software bundle is also very extensive and the NewSoft presto for instance is known to provide various tools for editing and processing various kinds of new images. Older images can also be easily enhanced using the same software. ImageFolio for example is next in the row and is known to provide various tools for editing and processing new images as well.

It supports the TWAIN interface and this is a software protocol. TWAIN guarantees interoperability amongst the software products as well as the image acquisition hardware. Such hardware includes wide format scanners etc. this very same technology is also unknown to be foundational to an included document management software. The name of this software is PageManager.

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